We offer a range of services for organizations of all kinds, from commercial start-ups, large enterprises, to small non-profits. We will listen to what your organization needs, and present our best plans for you.

Non-Profit Management

Here are just some of the ways we can help you succeed, with services tailored to the unique needs of non-profits:

Operations. We provide consultation on the best ways to operate your organization for efficiency and success.

Fundraising. We'll help you plan events, or develop a strategy for finding, contacting, and maintaining donors.

Content Development. Let's create great messaging on your website, print materials, and other content.

Strategic Planning. Advice and guidance on developing long-term plans for the success of your organization.

Capital Budgeting. Our team can help you develop smart uses of your vital assets.

Business Advising & Consulting

Our team can offer valuable insights to help your business grow, no matter how large or small your organization is today.

Start-Up Advising. We look at the unique qualities of your ideas, and offer smart planning and advice.

Capital Acquisition. Get asistance navigating the complex world of gathering your crucial assets.

Business Development. Ballard offers our years of expertise to the long-term development of your business concepts.

Investor Relations. Locate investors, get their attention, and keep those relationships strong for years.

Specialized Services

We offer a full range of services to generate success, no matter what kind of organization you have.

Strategic Planning & Development. Think about the future intelligently, with the professional help of our team.

Human Resources & Recruiting. Locate the best people to add to your team, and then manage that team successfully.

Grant Writing & Research. We partner with organizations to research, identify, and craft grant proposals to give your organization a shot at funding.

Business Coaching & Program Facilitation. Our team of professionals can guide your business from your earliest stages through growth stages.

Tell us about yourself and how we can help you. We will get back to you as quickly as possible: